How to choose the right toothbrush ?

Massaging bristles, moving heads, disinfectants, hard bristles, ergonomic shapes, we are not talking about a new technological discovery but about one of the most popular everyday objects: the Toothbrush.

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Choosing a toothbrush is never trivial.

Investing time in figuring out which toothbrush is best for us and not buying a low quality one just because it is cheaper can be very useful, both for the health of our teeth and for avoiding painful toothaches. So how to choose the toothbrush? In reality there is no toothbrush that is the best ever since a lot depends on our genetics, on the type of mouth and teeth, on the needs of each one and on tastes. However, common guidelines can be identified that allow us to select a good toothbrush starting from the analysis of the two parts that make up our oral cleaning tool: the head and the handle.

 ‌Small head and special bristle design.
‌Choose a toothbrush that has a small head and bristles specially designed to reach even the most hidden corners of the mouth. The recommended measures are 2.5 cm in length and no more than 4 tufts of bristles in width. In addition, the brush head should not have any gaps to prevent bacteria from nesting in the bristles.

‌ Bristles
‌The choice of bristles is based on personal characteristics and needs. For example, those suffering from gingivitis should opt for soft bristles that do not attack the teeth and gums. The medium bristles, on the other hand, are those generally recommended: they easily remove plaque and food residues without being "invasive" like the hard ones, which are very resistant and effective in brushing, but risk damaging tooth enamel.

‌ Ergonomic handle
‌The handle must be easy to handle and resistant to moisture. Many toothbrushes in fact have a non-slip handle for greater ease of use even when the toothbrush is wet.

‌A personalized toothbrush, therefore, helps our dental hygiene by guaranteeing that healthy and pleasant smile to see. Choose it carefully.

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