Fotona Laser Treatment

As a hard tissue laser the Fotona allows Dentists in Dr. Lenia's Surgery in Paphos, Cyprus to remove decay from a tooth and prep the tooth for a restoration without the use of a drill. The hard tissue laser quietly and painlessly removes only the diseased tooth structure the doctor wishes to remove while preserving healthy tooth structure.

Get Fast and Painless Results

Today dental lasers have become a revolutionary tool for dentists because provide quick and accurate results, offer patients treatments that are faster, cleaner and more acceptable, helping us to meet your needs.

‌Imagine knowing before you visit the dentist that the treatment offered is PAIN free – no more injections or drills. Dr Lenia's surgery has invested heavily to offer her patients exactly that. Pain free treatment is now readily available by using the latest laser technology.


‌The Fotona laser works on all types of tissue providing superior results for several dental procedures. In Dr. Lenia's Surgery We use this minimally invasive, high-performance device to preserve as much of your natural tissue as possible when performing the following treatments:

 ‌Elimination of tooth decay and tooth preparation for a painless filling
‌ Treatment of gum disease or Periodontology 
 ‌Tooth saving treatment or Endodontics 
‌ Treatment of sensitive teeth 
‌ Sterilization or aponeurosis 
‌ Treatment of specific mouth disease

The Advantages of Laser

Dr. Lenia's surgery has adopted the extraordinary Fotona dental laser as an invaluable tool to replace the traditional method. Patented design, architecture and technologies make it the fastest laser in the world. The advantages offered by the Fotona laser include:

‌ Fast and Effective 
‌ All tissue laser--works for hard and soft-tissue treatments 
‌ No noise or vibrations, No Drill 
‌ Less need for anesthesia 
 ‌No scalpels, no sutures 
‌ Safer and easier root canal therapy 
 ‌Reduced bleeding 
‌ Disinfects as it works, limiting the risk of infection 
 ‌Reduces your recovery time 
 ‌Safely removes damaged tissue 
 ‌Procedures are precise on problem areas only 
 ‌Avoids suffering and/or side effects associated with traditional methods

Healthy and Beautiful Smiles

The Fotona laser works on all types of tissue providing superior results for several dental procedures. 

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