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FOTONA® Laser Treatment


dr_lenia_dental_laser_treatmentImagine knowing before you visit the dentist that the treatment offered is PAIN free – no more injections or drills. Dr Lenia's surgery has invested heavily to offer her patients exactly that. Pain free treatment is now readily available by using the latest laser technology.   


Today's lasers offer patients treatments that are faster, cleaner and more acceptable. Lasers offer less noise and vibration and reduced pain, this can lead to anaesthetic free procedures with little post-operative discomfort, immediate disinfection and faster recovery. The ever-increasing range of laser dental treatments includes:

What are the main advantages of Fotona dental laser compared to traditional methods?

  • Fast and effective - saving you time
  • Often NO anaesthetic injections are required  - completely painless
  • Ends the use of a dental drill - easing anxiety 
  • Procedures are precise on problem areas ONLY - no secondary damage
  • Avoids suffering and/or side effects associated with traditional methods 

FOTONA® laser information:  

Dr Lenia’s surgery is equipped with the FOTONA® laser. This laser is recognized as one of the latest laser systems, developed over a 45 year period by world leading manufacturers in the fields of medicine.   


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